Vår Berså

MARIE NILSSON industrial design portfolio & crafts collections



Pattern for kitchen ware inspired from Berså by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg.


Berså by Stig Lindberg is characterized by the fifties and is expressing belief in the future and playfulness. Unlike the fifties, we live in a globalized information society with strong commercial forces. The west world has matured and started to stagnate. Natural assets that, from the fifties, has built up our society, is about to run short, and this fact creates war and conflicts. We have started to realize that our lifestyle and exploitation of the assets will have drastic consequences. Many people fear terror, pollutions and climate changes.


Vår Berså has a pattern rooted in this society. The leaves and basic geometry from Stig Lindbergs Berså, can be recognized, but the positive, colourful and tidy are replaced by dull colours and the leaves are affected by time, pollutions and bugs. The tidy structure is lost and has ended up a bit leaning.



Created in 2006.

Industrial Design Programme, 4th year.


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