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Nederman FilterBox is a compact, easy to use air filtration unit that removes hazardous dust and fume from the breathing zone, in for example welding or grinding operations.


To be entrusted to redesign the classic FilterBox, one of Nederman’s oldest products, was truly an honor. It was a challenge to modernize and improve the product, and still retain its core values and recognition.


The goal has been to revitalize the product and adapt it to todays and future needs. We wanted to improve its competitiveness and strengthen its iconic status on the market. By focusing on the actual working conditions, we have made improvements and added smart features, which really makes a difference for the user in the daily work.


To make the new product more sustainable we have reduced the amount of material and decreased the weight. We have made it possible to upgrade, integrated functionality like automatic start/stop and facilitated remote service.



Created together with Nederman project team 2010-2012.



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