Power tool

MARIE NILSSON industrial design portfolio & crafts collections



The power tool range on the market are mainly adapted for professional users and "wanna-be’s". The products are big, heavy and masculine, and are sold in specialised stores. I wanted to create a power tool concept adapted for the everyday needs in a home, attracting new target groups and to be sold in another context, therefore the Ikea brand.


The outcome is a complete tool solution for the most common needs in a home. It is adapted to the target group "the happy amateur" and fits in well in their home environment.


The intention with the over all design for the products in the kit, is to make them simple, gender neutral and with shapes and materials that feels friendly and natural in a home.


The kit consists of two power tools, screwdriver/drill and sander. The other tools are hand tools designed and packed in the same style.


The power supply is solved in a sustainable way by using solar cells. The packaging can be put in a book shelf and therefore suits in a home environment.



Created in 2007.

Industrial Design Programme, 5th year.

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