Marie Nilsson, industrial designer

Industrial Design Portfolio

Here you can find a selection of projects and products from my work as industrial designer, as well as from my industrial design education. 

Some are conceptual, others has been implemented.

Some are radical, others incremental.

Some are industrial, others more handcrafted...

Curious? Click on each product image to read more!

iTunnan soft plastic compactor
Vattentorn 2.0 natural water cleaning
Vår Berså, pattern for coffee set
Jewellery, ring
Bintel smart waste handling
Nederman Air Purification Tower
Love. peace & sharing, industrial design and sustainable consumption
iTunnan fly lid sketch
Nederman exhaust extraction
iTunnan fat return system
Power tool concept
Skånegjord stoneware
Hanging garden
Nederman Filterbox
Solid wood chair
Handle bag in wool
Knock on wood jeans
Grandma Inez crafted pillows
Cone, verstile outdoor furniture
Soul Protection kit, glasses
Artpeak branding
Candle holder
Egg packaging concept
Score, Puma brand extension
Breakfast packaging concept
Mäta textile pattern
Lighting concept sketch
IKEA IT office navigation
Jewellery necklace
Handle bag in wool
Breakfast packaging concept


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