Craft Collections

This is a gallery showing my own product lines and the more artistic sides of my creative work.


A range of hand made stoneware products, inspired of the flat landscape and the fruitful soil of Skåne.They are carefully designed and made out of recycled clay and glaze, which gives the vivid and unpredictable variations in form and colour. Created together with ceramist Greta Pott.

Grandma Inez

As far back as I can remember, my grandmother Inez was always doing some kind of handwork. With this collection, I want to upgrade and renew traditionally female crafts, but above all, Grandma Inez is a tribute and reminder of generations of women's hands work. This is a generous and warm cushion with contemporary feeling, inspired by the classic crochet granny square. Handmade in Sweden. Limited edition.

Handle Bag Collection

Handle Bag is a range of handmade bags in limited edition, carefully designed to support a sustainable development. The bag is optimized to use minimal raw material, but still stand everyday use. It is made out of wool, a material with low environmental impact.

Being Collection

For a designer, sketches are essential to fast and easy communicate ideas and feelings. My ceramic sculptures are sketched in clay... a sketch in three dimensions. Being Collection is a reflection over human being and our inner being.

Inspirit Collection

I have always been fascinated by horses… by the spirit and elegance they express… by the freedom and strength they symbolizes. I have sketched horses as long as I can remember and these ceramic horses are sketched in clay, a sketch in three dimensions. Inspirit Collection is a tribute to the most beautiful living beings I know.