It's all in your head
Knock on wood jeans, Milan design fair

It´s all in your head

A project about human behaviour and ways of thinking. It’s time to pay attention to those odd behaviours and feelings that are part of our daily lives. How can these states of mind trigger and translate into design?

Created in 2006 in a workshop at Industrial Design Program.

Exhibited at the Salone Del Mobile / Milan Furniture Fair,

Designersblock in Milan 5-10 April 2006.

Knock on wood jeans

This product is inspired of the superstitious behaviour that make us "knock on wood" to assure continued good luck or to ward off bad luck. The jeans are decorated with wooden details to guarantee access of real wood to knock on, when needed.

Drop luck

Bird droppings landing in inappropriate places are normally considered annoying, however there is a saying that bird droppings means good luck.

Think of bird droppings as drops of luck, and wear it with pride like a unique accessory, like this hair clip made out of silicone. It’s all in your head.

Drop luck, Milan design fair